Tenants’ Renters Insurance Is a Must

RISMEDIA, November 27, 2010–With winter months ahead, renters should make certain they have a contents insurance policy that covers fire damage. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential fires are more prevalent in winter months than in spring or summer months. A

What is a trust.

Trust – A right of property real or personal held by one party called the trustee for the benefit of another party called the beneficiary. Arrangement whereby one person holds property for the benefit of another under fiduciary (special confidential) relationship.

Survey: Well-Kept Yards Most Important Factor in Determining Neighborhood Safety

RISMEDIA, November 16, 2010–A new survey conducted by Relocation.com finds that 75 percent of Americans believe the most important factor in determining a neighborhood’s safety is the up-keep of surrounding homes, especially the conditions of the front lawns, which trumps even Googling