KW Short Sale Certified Leads

Keller Williams Realty and CitiMortgage: Helping You Help Homeowners As part of our relationship with CitiMortgage, Keller Williams Realty associates will soon have a unique opportunity to help tens of thousands of homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. In the near future,

How to feed your WordPress blog into eAgentC Web site

I have found that FeedBurner is an excellent tool that will work with the Keller Williams eAgentC web site. You will need to have a Google account (any Gmail account will work). Visit the feedburner service page to begin this process at

Advertising by licensees

In Virginia, there are certain things that must be included when you advertise. I have included a summary and a link to the Virginia code. Remember in ALL ads you must have: the firm’s licensed name the city and state in which