How to get your Keller Williams profile to 100%

It is important to get your KW profile to 100%. When consumers look on, you should give them as much information as you possibly can. I found this handy sheet that has the weight of each item. Here is a list

Future leaders can learn much from observing how Silver lived his life

By Bill Freehling FIRST a full disclosure: I never met Carl D. Silver. By the time I started covering business for The Free Lance-Star, Silver was no longer really involved in the real-estate development business he started more than a half-century ago

2011 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

2011 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers This summer, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveyed 5,708 home buyers and sellers for their 2011 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. The study shows that home buyers are