What are you doing January 1, 2012?

I would suggest that you work your expired listings. January 1 is one of the biggest days for expired listings. So at 12:05 after you have popped the cork and thrown the confetti, crack open your laptop and pull up the expired

Tenants in Foreclosed Dwellings Have Rights

      On May 20, 2009,  a new federal law was passed to protect tenants in foreclosed rental properties. Tenants are often the last to know that their landlord’s property is undergoing foreclosure. To protect tenants who find themselves in the

Watch the deed your clients are signing!

We had an interesting situation in our Market Center a few weeks ago. One of the local “flippers” was selling a home. In the deed was….. The Grantor hereby reserves a first right of refusal. If Grantee sells the herein conveyed property Grantee must