Turn leads into customers: lead nurturing in 3 easy steps

Matthew Collis at agbeat.com wrote an excellent simple piece on turning leads into customers. This is true of not only the real estate business but of any business. Follow this link to the article click here. Once you get the leads you

Lead Generation

This is right out of the LEAD GENERATION 36:12:3 available at KW.com. Remember all of these can be downloaded for free. Use these formulas to figure out how many people you need to include in your marketing plans. For example, if you

Advertising Other Agent’s Listings on Craigslist

Question:  An agent has a listing for a property. One day while searching the real estate advertisements posted on craigslist (a popular Web site featuring classified advertisements), the agent discovers the following posting for her listing:  “A Stunning 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom